For those who qualify, there is one low, ALL-INCLUSIVE price for medication abortion services (the abortion pill).
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At Illinois Abortion Clinics, pregnancies under 11 weeks in gestation as confirmed by an ultrasound, are eligible to receive the set of medications referred to as a medication abortion. An ultrasound is used to confirm the gestational age and the location of the pregnancy.

A follow-up visit is required to ensure completion of the medication abortion procedure. There is a small chance that the process does not complete with the medication alone (as confirmed by ultrasound) and in the event of an incomplete abortion, or excessive bleeding, a D&C or aspiration procedure may be needed to complete the process. This can be performed at the clinic.

A medication abortion or the Abortion Pill is not the same as emergency contraception, which is often referred to as the morning-after pill or Plan B. Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy and can work for up to five days after unprotected sex; medication abortion terminates an early pregnancy.

Commonly Asked Questions about the Abortion Pill:

01. How does the Abortion Pill work?
A medication abortion is a two step process that blocks the development of the pregnancy. The first step includes an oral tablet that is administered at the office, followed by a second step, which involves taking a set of tablets at home as instructed by the provider.
02. How effective is the Abortion Pill?
It is over 90% effective, however there is always a small chance that the procedure will result in an incomplete abortion and a D&C will be required.
03. What are the side effects of the Abortion Pill?
Bleeding, cramping and passing orange size clots are all a normal part of the process. The bleeding can be heavier than a normal period and usually lasts from 9-16 days. In some cases, women may have severe bleeding and then would need to contact the clinic immediately or to the local emergency room. Your provider will instruct you on how to handle any pain, nausea, headache, vomiting, or diarrhea that could also occur.
04. How safe is the Abortion Pill?
It is FDA approved for termination of early pregnancies as determined by an ultrasound. At Illinois Abortion Clinics, we offer the Abortion Pill up to 11 weeks of gestation.

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