Select Illinois Abortion Clinics offer the option of an Abortion with Tubal Ligation (also known as Tubal Sterilization) at the same time. The Abortion is completed for gestation up to 16 weeks (16 weeks and 3 days).

If your family is complete and you are no longer planning to become pregnant or have children for the rest of your life, then this might be the option for you. Please remember that a Tubal ligation is a method of female sterilization that is irreversible and permanent. It is 99.5% effective. Learn more about Tubal Ligations here

An Abortion with Tubal Ligation at our clinics is performed as a laparoscopic procedure also known as a belly button surgery. It has minimal downtime and the women are able to return to a normal routine within a few days. Learn more about Abortions here

Please call us if you have questions or would like to understand your options. You continue to have the option of scheduling only one of the procedures (Abortions or Tubal Ligations) at a time.

Select Illinois Abortion Clinics also offer the option of male sterilization or a Vasectomy.

At Illinois Abortion Clinics we are dedicated to providing reproductive health care access to all. All our member clinics are state of the art facilities that are certified, all procedures are performed by board-certified physicians.

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