DO NOT have anything to eat, drink, or smoke after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes water, gum, mints, hard candy, or cigarettes.
Wear a short-sleeved T-shirt, socks, and comfortable clothing that are easy to get on and off. You and the person that accompanies you may also want to bring sweaters, even in hot weather. The building is kept cool. Bring a maxi pad and an extra pair of clean underwear.
Shower in the morning. Do not wear any make-up, nail polish, jewellery, false nails, or contact lenses. (If you don’t have glasses and must wear contacts, please bring their storage container). Remove anything loose in your mouth, including dental devices and tongue piercings. If you have long nails, please cut the nail on your right pointer finger to just above the skin line. (This enables us to use our monitoring instruments). You will be given the option of twilight anaesthesia, resulting in you being unable to drive for 24 hours. It is required that you have a ride to our facility and home. Bring only one person with you. Children are not permitted.
Plan on being at our facility between 4-6 hours. You may want to bring a book to help you pass the time.
Payment is due before the procedure. We accept cash, money orders, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). If paying by credit card, the card holder must be present to sign for payment. We do not accept personal checks. No aspirin products from now until two weeks after the procedure. Tylenol, Advil, and Motrin are alright to use if needed.
Plan on having a mandatory follow-up exam 14-21 days after the procedure to make sure you are healing properly and do not have an infection.

If you need to take any medications you haven’t already told us about (Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil are alright) call the center so it can be discussed with the physician. We will then contact you with any special instructions.

Please feel free to call us with any questions  (800) 416-9880

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