At Illinois Abortion Clinics, a second-trimester abortion is a termination of a pregnancy that is between 12 weeks and 16 weeks in gestation (we do not accept patients higher than 16 weeks in gestation). The gestation is determined with the help of an ultrasound.

A second-trimester abortion at Illinois Abortion Clinics is completed in one day or on two consecutive dates depending on the medical history and gestation. There are no incisions and it is completed by D&C (Dilation & Curettage) or a D&E.

On the first day, the Surgeon will insert Laminaria sticks (dried pieces of seaweed sticks) designed to help the cervix expand over the next 24 hours and prepare the body for a second-trimester abortion.

On the second day under Monitored Anesthesia Care, the Surgeon will remove the Laminaria sticks and perform the D&C.

To ensure that you have a healthy recovery make sure to:

Drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol while taking medications
Avoid any strenuous activities or heavy lifting (over 15 pounds).
DO NOT drive for 24 hours after surgery.
Monitor your temperature.
DO NOT immerse yourself in water until after your follow-up exam.
DO NOT use any type of a douching product
DO NOT use tampons, only maxi pads.
DO NOT engage in sexual activity.
If you have heavy bleeding (saturating 2-3 pads in an hour) or any large blood clots please call the center right away.

All Illinois Abortion Clinics are state of the art facilities that are Certified. All procedures are performed by board-certified physicians and trained medical staff.

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